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Peace and recovery in our sauna oasis

Endless relaxation – enjoy the harmony of
light, technique, music and warmt

Come and have a look at our enchanting world of wellbeing Aquaris. Wrapped in the pleasant warmth and gentle scents it’s very easy to forget the daily worries and to relax completely. Take the time to enjoy some moments of true relaxation and choose between different experiences of warmth.

Healthy sweating in our Tyrolean „Stubensauna“

The dry heat of 80°C gently dissolves mental and physical blockages, boosts your immune system, has a positive effect on the nervous system and makes your skin suppler. But for a health promoting effect, the sauna session itself is not enough; after every session we recommend some cooling down in form of fresh air or cold water. So, before you crawl in your waterbed and enjoy your rest, take a final walk through our ice grotto with ice fountain, spraying fog and bucket shower.

Warm fog in our sole steam bath

With comfortable temperatures between 42°C and 45°C the high humidity is combined with gentle, radiant heat and finely sprayed sea salt. The damp heat embraces your body, makes it sweat and cleanse it of toxins – when regeneration turns into wellbeing.

Herbal bath with Alpine fragrances

Our warm herbal bath with a mild temperature of 55°C is the right relaxation method for all those you like it a bit more comfortable. Take a seat and enjoy the beneficial heat effects with Alpine herbs. The humidity and the pleasant herbs fragrance give your body and soul some well-deserved, warm pampering.

Sparkling refreshment

Our ice grotto is the perfect place to cool down between the sauna sessions. Crushed ice will also help keep the body hydrated. Cold spraying fog and a refreshing bucket shower await you at the end of the session. The traditional Tyrolean shower is a real hydrotherapy which, according to the Nordic tradition, should be enjoyed after the sauna session. The beneficial effects of the bucket shower are: strengthening immune system, stimulating metabolism, improving blood circulation, helping heat regulation, improving wellbeing and boosting energy.

Kneipp spa foot bath

Alternating hot and cold foot baths are an integral part of hydrotherapy. They improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and have a refreshing effect is case of weakness and sleepiness. Its “inventor”, Pastor Sebastian Kneipp, specified an advisable procedure sequence: first you enter in warm water (for a few minutes), then you cool down – this needs to be repeated three times. It’s essential that the cooling down comes at the end. In this way, the blood vessels draw together and the heat remains in the body.

Infrared cabin for healing warmth

It is the best warmth for your health and wellbeing. The only low temperature technology provides healthy sweating without putting a strain on the heart circulation. It resolves blockades, has a positive impact on back pains, strengthens the immune system, promotes blood circulation and improves metabolism. Furthermore it promotes the purging and detoxification of the body.