Massages in your
wellness hotel in South Tyrol

Calmness and wellbeing
Harmony for body, spirit and soul

Massages can be used as a holistic therapy, not only against physical sufferings but also against psychical ones. A massage leads to mental and physical harmony, and stress can seem almost literally being blown away. Besides classical massages and Ayurvedic treatments we also offer special massages which guarantee extraordinary moments of wellbeing.


Classical massages Proved relaxation moments

from 40.00 €

Our classics: massages from head to toe. Relaxing massages, sports massages, partial body massages and intesiv back massage.

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Wellnesshotel Zentral Beautyfarm head massage

Ayurveda The knowledge of a healthy life

from 46.00 €

Traditional relaxing Indian healing art.

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Special massages à la Zentral Healing touches

from 67.00 €

Chocolate, Hot Stones or a healthy ritual – treatments with special effects.

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Have a look at our
extensive beauty programme

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