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Adventures at the high-ropes course Allitz

Dizzy heights and breathtaking courses

Besides the Vinschgauer Höhenweg (mountain trail) and the well-known bicycle path, in the Allitz forest, situated above the marble village of Laas, you will find another special natural experience: the high-ropes course Allitz.

Well-secured you may balance over a narrow tightrope and get a sense of the height. But the next platform is close at hand.

Just like Tarzan and Jane - at a height of 25 m

The high-rope course was established in 2010 by mountain- and ski guide Georg Maschler. Already during the construction phase, great emphasis was put on the family-friendliness. At the high-ropes course, safety is always a number one priority, thus there were only used the latest technology here. Children may enjoy all the easy courses alone and in total safety.

The adventure park with the nearby barbecue area is situated in the middle of a beautiful larch forest in the central Vinschgau Valley. It provides 7 courses with 80 platforms in different heights and 4 levels of difficulty.

At the course for beginners one can demonstrate one’s skill already at a height of 1,5 metres. For other courses, in lofty heights of up to 25 metres and with a view to the glaciers of the Laas valley, you will need lots of skills and agility.

The Flying Fox (rope slide) is the absolute highlight of the park which is affixed to each course, providing a sensation of weightlessness and unlimited freedom. Swing from tree to tree, overcome various obstacles and enjoy a special feeling of success.

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