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Green Holiday

Climate neutral holidays in Prad am Stilfserjoch
Our contribution to a healthy environment in the Vinschgau Valley

Prad am Stilfserjoch is one of few Italian communities which can provide a self-sufficient source of energy. Already in the 20s it was built a hydroelectric power station for the production of electricity. Today, Prad has several hydroelectric power stations, a district heating plant and a biogas plant. Due to the sunny location, many private photovoltaic solar power plants were built in recent years. The excess electricity is fed through the cooperative into the national network. Thus, the electricity prices can be radically reduced for consumers.

Our contribution

For many decades we support the climate protection. We aim to set a course and contribute to a beautiful and unique nature in the Vinschgau Valley.
The biggest CO2 producers in the hotel business are electricity, thermal heat and laundry. Our aim is to avoid unnecessary emissions and to use renewable energy. Much of the electricity is supplied by the Energiewerk Prad. Our electricity is generated by hydropower, solar energy and biogas. The biogas comes from the farmers’ community plant, the manure from the regional agriculture.
Since 1992 we get our heat to 100% from wood chips. The wood chips come from the surrounding woods or, respectively, are the wood waste from the local wood-processing plants. The laundry runs internally in our hotel, hence we save delivery routes. Environmentally friendly cleaning products have already become standard.
We provide a parking space for all of our guests, either on our parking lot in front of the hotel or in the underground parking. Leave your car where it is! In summer you will receive the VinschgauCard offering free access to all public transport throughout South Tyrol. In winter there is a free ski bus at your disposal which brings you directly from the hotel to Sulden or Trafoi.


Charging station for e-cars

Since 2017 we provide a Keba wall box for electric cars.

In the meantime we have four charging stations for electric cars in our garage. For a surcharge you may use the wall boxes from mobility house with up to 22 kW and a socket for type 2 charging cables.

Activation and billing ist done very easily using your room card.

But beware: Charging cables are not available on site.



Since August 2023, we have been part of the turn to zero community and are in this way making an active contribution to global climate protection.“Turn to Zero” is a certification that aims to support companies on their way towards sustainability and environmental protection.

We have taken concrete measures to minimize our CO2 emissions. One measure is the provision of employee rooms in our hotel. Employees who have long journeys have the option of spending the night in specially designated staff rooms. Another measure to reduce emissions is as follows: Employees who do not have to take a long way to work are provided with e-bikes so that they can get to work in an environmentally friendly way.

Through this extensive data collection and our targeted measures, we actively strive to reduce our environmental footprint and make a greater contribution to protecting our environment. We are firmly committed to continuously optimizing our operating practices and implementing sustainable solutions to minimize our environmental impact.


Sustainability Label South Tyrol Level 1

The Sustainability Label South Tyrol is an important award for us and encourages us to continue our path towards a sustainable future together with our entire team.

With this label, we want to make the Aktiv- und Wellnesshotel Zentral commitment to sustainability visible to our guests as well as to our employees. By achieving Level 1, we have successfully mastered the first step in the certification process and look forward to the tasks that still lie ahead of us. We do this not only in the interest of our valued guests, but also for our team and for the good of this wonderful spot on earth where we are at home.