• Children - bathing fun

Bathing fun in the baby’s pool

Lively bathing pleasures in the children’s pool

Our children’s pool with a water temperature of 34°C and new water treatment technology is very popular among our little guests. The baby’s pool is only 5-30 cm deep so that even babies and young children can swim and bath to their heart’s content.

Children - bathing fun
Wellnesshotel Zentral Suedtirol Indoor Swimming Pool

Fun with friends

Your children are in the best company here. While they are splashing in the water, Winnie Puuh, Tigger, Rabbit and I-Aah are watching them! Our water mushroom makes additional fun possible at the touch of a button. In the meantime mummy and daddy may relax on a family island.

And if your little ones aim to try out the huge swimming pool? No problem! For your kids we also offer water wings free of charge, so that there are practically no limits to the water fun.

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