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Wonderful water worlds

Sports and relaxation for adults,
unlimited fun and splashing around for the kids

Water is the source and the basis of all life. Indulge yourself in our indoor pool, relax and feel the weightlessness. Enjoy all-weather bathing fun almost around the clock at the Hotel Zentral.

Swimming is healthy, helps lose weight and makes beautiful – and it’s just as easy as it seems. Swimming strains every muscle and relieves tension in the neck and shoulder area. Leg movements stimulate the blood flow and strengthen the veins, active the cardiovascular system and train the heart muscle. Swimming is fun, burns calories and strengthens your health and wellbeing – the best reasons for a jump into the pool.


Indoor pool – azure blue wellbeing
An early-morning swim with a water temperature of 30°C in order to stimulate circulation. Stimulating movements to late evening.

Whirlpool – sparkling relaxation
After an exhausting excursion or skiing day, our whirlpool (34°C) is one of the best forms of medication for strained muscles. Enjoy the soft massages and the sparkling sounds of the water. You will benefit from it.


Baby’s pool – fun and games
When water turns into an adventure. The water mushroom provides excitement and in the company with Winnie Puuh, Tigger, Rabbit and I-Aah lots of fun is guaranteed. Due to the water temperature of 34°C, new water treatment technology and a water depth of 5-30 cm even the little ones can take a bath.

Loungers – well-deserved moments
Whether you choose a single lounger or a family nest – here we gonna meet all your needs. Relaxing, sleeping, dreaming, reading or looking after your children. In summer the large panoramic windows offer an unimpeded view of the blossoming garden and the stunning mountains; in winter you can look at the glistening snowy landscape. If you are looking for some peace and calm you can retire and relax in our separate relaxation room with view to the garden. Enjoy the tranquillity and the pleasure of doing nothing. Pure relaxation.