• Naturaronda Sulden

NaturaRonda Sulden
The EVOPÄD®-Parcours

A nature discovery trail for your summer holidays
in the Vinschgau Valley, balance training included

The course starts from the parking space of the “Kanzel” lift, right in the centre of Sulden. All the 7 stations may be walked through and discovered on flat terrain. The 7 stations represent the “7 intelligences” of the human being which should be equilibrated in a playful manner.

Balancing exercises make you smart

The seven perceptions and motion exercises train and enhance our life skill in a playful manner make us being more present and self-confident. We strengthen our basic trust, our discoverer passion and the ability to protecting us; we develop our strengths and our reactivity, improve our emotional perception and find our position in life. Here we learn more about us as independently thinking and acting persons.

Our sense of balance and movement play an important role in mental and neurological development. For children we recommend the EVOPÄD®-nature trail in order to improve their concentration difficulties.

Naturaronda Sulden Evopaed
Naturaronda Sulden Evopaed
Naturaronda Sulden Evopaed