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The Bear Bath

and stories about the bear in Sulden am Ortler

Bears love to bath in the water, in the midst of nature. Very probably they know about the pleasant effects of the fresh spring and glacier water. In spring 2005 a brown bear crossed the Sulden valley for the first time after one hundred years. There are many small wild rivers which, thanks to the snow melting in spring, lead a lot of water.
A dream for every bear! So he took a nice bath surrounded by a magnificent mountain landscape. Because of the big hype around his presence, he finally settled down to Switzerland.

The excursion destination for your family holidays

Exactly at this bathing area at 1900 m above sea level there was built a unique water and nature spot using natural materials. There is a natural waterfall, a treading pool and a cold arm bath. All areas are filled with the purest spring water and developed according to the health principles of Kneipp. Thus, it really feels pleasant and fresh!

Furthermore, children await a great tree house and a barefoot path. For a quick lunch the many resting and picnic areas are the ideal place. A visit to the Bear Bath can be well connected with the EVOPÄD®-Parcours and perhaps you make it even to the Suspension Bridge…

Kinderhotel South Tyrol Baerenbad Solda
Kinderhotel South Tyrol Baerenbad Solda
Kinderhotel South Tyrol Baerenbad Solda