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(Body treatment by Gertraud Gruber)
The treatment starts with a silk glove massage which works like a soft dry peeling. With this “peeling” your skin gets more absorbent for the warm oil. This flowing massage with a fragrant body oil is done synchronously with both hands, leaving a sense of relax and quietness. Then the perfumed oil is removed with hot compresses. You can choose the fragrance of the body cream, which will be subsequently applied: the balsam called “Exotic Paradise”, with a taste of Coconut and vanilla, or the balsam called “Natural Dream”, which has a sweet fragrance of orange flowers.

Duration 80 min. Euro 95,00


(Ayurvedic full-body massage)
The mother of all massages, the technique of „loving hands”. The soft massage has a detoxifying effect, stimulates circulation and metabolism and the hormone production, strenghtens digestion and musculature, calms the nervous system, boosts the inner organs, takes the tiredness, boosts your body and helps the immune defence system. In short: this massage provides for the harmonisation of body, spirit and soul and it is one of the best and most effective Ayurvedic beauty treatments.

Duration 80 min. Euro 93,00


(Massage with raw silk gloves)
This massage is done without oil and cleans your skin from dead skin particles. Furthermore the tissue is well supplied with blood. In contrast to massages with a brush, this kind of massage with raw silk gloves is more careful to the skin. After a Garshan massage your skin is especially absorbent for caring oils and lotions.

Duration 50 min. Euro 58,00


(Ayurvedic back massage)
The Upanahasveda is an intensive and effective back treatment. Tension and blockades resulting from stress are gently resolved by means of selected herbal oils.

Duration 50 min. Euro 66,00


(Ayurvedic foot massage)
This massage involves feet, calves and knees. Padabhyanga is done with efficient massaging movements with warm oil up to the knees. The touch of different marma points changes the body’s biochemistry and stimulates the metabolism.

Duration 20 min. *Euro 46,00


(Ayurvedic head and face massage)
The Mukabhyanga is a gentle and stimulating massage using warm oils. This treatment is for the relaxation, cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin, exclusively concentrating on the head and face zone. With this massage, tensions beneath the skin surface are resolved and the blood circulation and the metabolism are stimulated. Furthermore it has a regenerating effect on deeper tissues and organs.

Duration 20 min. Euro 46,00