• Sommer Moto

Maloja, Bernina, Livigno, Foscagno

via 6 passes within 6 hours

Route: Prad – Gomagoi – Stilfser Joch – Bormio – Tirano – Sondrio – Morbegno – Colico (Lake Como) – Chiavenna – Maloja Pass – St. Moritz – Bernina Pass – Forcola di Livigno – Livigno – Passo del Foscagno – Bormio – Stilfser Joch – Prad

Lenght: 328 km
Journey time: 6 hours

We start from our hotel in Prad am Stilfserjoch (900 m) and head off to Gomagoi, riding up in a seemingly endless series of hairpins of the Stilfserjoch (2757 m), and enjoy the stunning view on the top of the mountain pass. Then we ride down to Bormio. From here, we pass the state road no. 38 to Tirano, Sondrio, Morbego and to Colico at the Como Lake. There we have a little break.

Continuing our trip, we head off towards the North in direction Switzerland. Shortly after Chiavenna we cross the border and ride up to the Maloja Pass (1815m). This is a very nice route to ride, because it alternates between long and wide hairpins in the lower part to narrow ones in the upper part.

Once at the top of the pass, we stay on the top of the plateau and continue our journey along the lakes Silvaplana to St. Moritz, the holiday resort per se. At the roundabout, shortly after St. Moritz, we bear right and ride to the Bernina Pass (2328m) and up to the glaciers of the massif. Shortly after the top of the pass we turn left towards Livigno. After crossing the Forcola di Livigno (2315m) we reach the duty-free zone of Livigno.

The journey via the Foscagno towards Bormio is much diversified. Unfortunately, the well asphalted street is often full of potholes. So be especially careful! Nevertheless the route is very beautiful, with its stunning landscape and its fascinating small villages. At the end our route leads back to the Stilfserjoch and Prad in South Tyrol.