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Special massages à la Zentral
Healing touches

Chocolate massage

Enjoy the chocolaty side of life! The warm currents and the beguiling scent of cocoa emulsion on your skin are a unique experience. The body is purified and, thanks to the endorphins contained in cocoa, he pours the happiness hormone serotonin. Thus, a chocolate massage is not only healthy, but it makes also beautiful and happy.

Duration 50 min. Euro 65,00


Hot Stone

Hot lava stones are used to lend new vitality, transporting the heat into the skin and the muscles. The treatment activates self-healing powers in the body, calms the autonomic nervous system and creates a long-term feeling of contentment and deep relaxation.

Duration 50 min. Euro 68,00
Duration 80 min. Euro 90,00


Lomi Lomi

(Hawaiian massage)
The hearing of gentle sounds, the feeling for tropical warmth and the recurring large-scale touching of certain body parts – all that leads to the person quickly surrendering to the treatment. In this released state physical and mental blockades are resolved and harmony is restored. Our perception of what can be and cannot be, often stands in the way of happiness and the aim is to overcome these obstacles. Body, mind and soul form an inseparable unit. The fundamental aim of Lomi is to bring the person in connection with the softness of his body and to create a new awareness of his body. A feast for all the senses.

Duration 80 min. Euro 95,00