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Classical massages
Proved relaxation moments

Relaxation massage

With the help of various massage techniques, the problem areas of your body are treated. This massage leads to a complete relaxation and alleviates disturbances caused by stress.

Duration 50 min. Euro 50,00


Sports massage

The sports massage has a relaxing and regulating effect. Feel new dynamic after a day in the mountains.

Duration 50 min. Euro 55,00


Classical partial massage

This relaxing massage is adapted to your individual needs and it is applicable for every type of classical massage: face, head and neck, back or legs.

Duration 20 min. Euro 28,00


Stimulating foot massage

Feet are generally seen as a mirror of the entire body. This massage is wonderfully stimulating and improves the body’s very own defence mechanisms. This foot massage has a positive effect on your wellbeing and can active self-healing powers.

Duration 50 min. Euro 55,00